Visa for Azerbaijan

To obtain a visa for travel to the Republic of Azerbaijan the following documents must be submitted to the Consular section of the Embassy:

1. An in invitation from Azerbaijan. 

- Personal travel visas are given to foreigners and stateless persons arriving to the Republic of Azerbaijan on the basis of notary certified [invitation letter] of the citizen of the Republic of Azerbaijan, foreigner or stateless person permanently residing in the Republic of Azerbaijan, migrant worker or studying foreigner and stateless person having permission for temporary residence in the Republic of Azerbaijan (only for family members of the same migrant worker or studying foreigner and stateless person). 

2. Visa application form [following link] 

(Please, answer all questions by typing or clearly printing in ink on both left and right sides of the application).

3. Valid passport or travel document (photocopies will not be accepted).

4. Two passport-size photos.

5. Consular fee

- An consular fees are paid in the Embassy.

- For consular fees click here.

6. AH foreigners visiting Azerbaijan for a period of more than 15 days must register their passports with the local State Migration Service of the Azerbaijan Republic.

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